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E n P o i n t e

(Musculi et Tendines Pedis)

L u m i n o s u m

(Columna Verebralis )

G a l e n

( Musculii Corporus Humanis )

A l e x a n d r i a

(Musculii Capitis et Colli )

S c r i p t o r

(Musculi et Tendines Manus et Digitorum)

C a r d i o v a s c u l a r

(Cor Aereum)

W r i t e r ' s B l o c k

(Now Available)

O c u l u s

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After more than twenty five years creating special props and effects for the motion picture industry, collaborating around the world with every creative discipline from the stage and fine arts, and all the while collecting a ‘warehouse’ of ideas and inspirations, we discovered the time was now to make our own ideas into reality.

Film experience, creative sculpting, anatomical simulation and special material casting in an environment of high intensity problem solving and ‘engineering in the moment’ gave us the unique ability to imagine an idea, render the concept, fabricate the prototype, and nurture to market-ready finished creations, entirely on-site in our home studios in Toronto, making real all those ideas accumulated over time.

The founding inspirational anchor behind Vestiges is the imagery of the Classical period through the Age of Exploration to the Age of Reason, the sun-filled salons of the first anatomists to the fire-scorched copper of the Age of Steam, sometimes paying homage to the emerging art and science of inquiry and sometimes taking as-yet unknown departures into the realm of the speculative and aesthetic.

For the first time ever the development of exactly the right materials and technology collides to allow small-scale fine art studios to make and repeat (without the need for outsourcing or offshore fabrication) complex, experimental prototypes –safe instant-cure polymers, the light emitting diode and refined mineral pigments along with long-life high resolution mold making materials, all coming together to create striking, informative and inspiring imagery.

We hope our visions find resonance in the present and speak directly to the beholder, and that our works, made real and corporeal in this time continue to inspire far into the future.

Vestiges Arts and Sciences

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