E n P o i n t e

(Musculi et Tendines Pedis)

L u m i n o s u m

(Columna Verebralis )

G a l e n

( Musculii Corporus Humanis )

A l e x a n d r i a

(Musculii Capitis et Colli )

S c r i p t o r

(Musculi et Tendines Manus et Digitorum)

T h e   Q u i l l


Works inspired by Anatomy, Physiology and the Natural Sciences, rendered in contemporary materials .
A b o u t
H o m e
C o n t a c t
P r o d u c t s

Animal and plant biology rendered in metal, stone ,tile and cement composites, Lifeforms is where we discover the art in the physiology of living things , preserved and mineralized , captured as a silhouette or gesture , or as a footprint from eons past., set into decor and curio.

This page is an internal development space where ideas in process will be posted. Please come back to this page regularly to see our ideas solidify into elements and into projects over the long term.

All images copyright Vestiges / Grand Unified Theories 2017 . All Products and Images Vestiges Anatomical 2017
R a p t o r   F o o t p r i n t s

Hand sculpted , cast in silicone and positive cast in integrally pigmented concrete composite

F e r n s   &    C y c a d e s

Cast from dried pressed real plants,mounted on limestone flags, cast in silicone and positive poured in integrally pigmented concrete composite.

I n f a n t   P t e r o s a u r

Hand sculpted , cast in silicone and positive poured in integrally pigmented concrete composite

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We love fossils and think there should be more of them. They are fascinating and beautiful, presenting the viewer an almost unimaginable sense of the ancient. Over many years recreating fossils and arcane remains has come up time and again,and so we determined to generate replica and simulated fossil elements for production and  decor.
 Below and on the next page please find the results of this R&D project involving sculpture, life-casting, pressing plants, polymer casting and unique concrete and cement blended positive materials.

Because there should be more fossils in everyday.

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